Participants list

We would like to acknowledge and thank all the people below for their participation in this school!

Name Attendance Country
ALHarake Mohamad Rajab   France
Bagni Tommaso   Switzerland
Dadhich Anang Online Slovakia
Dirahoui Walid   France
Dorget Rémi   France
Gandia David   Spain
Genot Clément   France
Ghabeli Juybari Asef Online Slovakia
Hajiri Ghazi   France
Hamidouche Rayane   France
Kapek Jakub   France
Kazmi Syed Husnain Tanweer Online Finland
Lengsfeld Sebastian   Germany
Marklein Rene Online Germany
Medeiros Rafael   France
Napolitano Andrea Online Italy
Nouailhetas Quentin   France, Germany
Oliveira Roberto Online Portugal
Papini Luca   Italy
Statra Yazid   France
Vargas-Llanos Carlos   Germany
Wen Zezhao Online United Kingdom
Zhang Hongye Online United Kingdom
Online user: 1