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Thierry Lubin

Thierry Lubin [GREEN, Université de Lorraine – France]

Thierry Lubin received the Ph.D. degree from the University Henri Poincaré, Nancy, France, in 2003. He is currently an Associate Professor in electrical engineering at the University of Lorraine. He works with the Group of Research in Electrical Engineering of Nancy (GREEN). His research interests include 2D and 3D analytical modeling of electrical machines for their design, and applied superconductivity in electrical engineering. Analytical models are useful tools for the first evaluation of electrical motors performances and for design optimization. They can provide closed-form solution for the torque or the back-EMF, giving physical insight for the designer.

For more than ten years, Dr Lubin has developed analytical models for the design of electrical machine. He is the author of more than 100 research papers in peer-reviewed journals and international conferences on this topic. In 2011, he wrote a reference paper [1] about analytical modeling of electrical machines with a great pedagogical aspect to give the necessary tools for young researchers.

Dr Lubin teaches analytical modeling of electrical machines to Master's degree students of the University of Lorraine: "I think it is important that students learn how to correctly apply a simple problem of electromagnetism and solve it analytically before using finite element analysis softwares to study more complex systems. My experience has shown that this allows students to take a step back, especially for the analysis of results (assumptions, boundary conditions, model limitations, interpretation of the flux lines distribution...)".

[1] T. Lubin, S. Mezani, and A. Rezzoug, “2-D Exact analytical model for surface-mounted permanent-magnet motors with semi-closed slots,” IEEE Trans. Magn., vol. 47, no. 2, pp. 479-492, Feb. 2011.

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